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22. Oktober 2004
Streetteam Interview mit Alex Band 20. Oktober 2004 Düsseldorf Tor 3

Nach einigem Hin und Her, hat es doch endlich mit dem Interview vor dem Konzert geklappt, auch wenn ich länger warten musste, als geplant war. Nachdem der erste Raum zu laut war und die Aufnahme nicht funktioniert hat, wurde kurzerhand nach einem Ersatzraum gefunden. Doch leider keiner gefunden. Somit musste ich bis nach dem Soundcheck von Katy Rose warten und es hat sich wirklich gelohnt.

Vor dem Interview habe ich Alex erklärt, dass die Fragen alle von Streetteam Mitgliedern kommen. Diese Idee fand er sehr interessant und hat alle Fragen beantwortet. Während des Interviews sind zwischenzeitlich auch Chops und Justin vorbei gekommen und haben sich dazu gesetzt, auch wenn sie leider keine der Fragen mitbeantwortet haben.

Who, dead or alive, would you like to record a song with and why?
Alex: Dead or alive… Well, John Lennon probably. He was the greatest songwriter ever. U2's Bono as an alive person. I'm a big fan of Bono and U2.

Are you going to vote in November and would you encourage your fans to vote?
Alex: Very much so. I'm voting for Kerry. I didn't vote for Bush four years ago, definitely not voting for him this time. Yeah, I encourage everyone to vote. I've just been outside America so much. When I'm in America and playing shows I usually tell the fans to vote.

What do you think about campaigns like the MTV one "Rock The Vote" and would you join campaigns like this?
Alex: I think, it's in America though, a little dangerous to be a celebrity and being so opinionated because you can alienate a lot of fans. Everyone has an opinion and if you go out there and start talking politically about all your views and this and that you can alienate some people, including fans. We are musicians to play music and not talk about politics.
But getting people to vote is important. And I would definitely, if I had the chance which I didn't, if I had the chance to be part of "Rock The Vote or any of those kind, I would.

What was the last CD you bought and what was the last concert you went to?
Alex: The last CD I bought was by a band from the UK called Keane. Have you heard of them? Pretty Coldplay pop style.
Last concert I went to was Madonna actually in Miami. I've never been to a Madonna concert. I was impressed. She sang everything, she wasn't faking and she sang great.

You have achieved so much already. Do you still have a dream you want to fulfil?
Alex: Very much so. I mean, I'm still trying to work to get people to care who we are. I achieved a lot, but then we're still a band that no one really knows about. Depending on where we are we're just still trying to make our way.

Do you know any German bands and if so what do you think about them?
Alex: German bands…
Justin (sitting in the background): Rammstein.
Alex: Rammstein?! I don't know any German bands.

Where do you see yourself in 20 years?
Alex: In 20 years? Absolutely no idea. No clue.

What's the worst and what's the best part about touring?
Alex: The best part is the worst part. Seeing the world, travelling, getting to play shows, meeting the fans, all that stuff is the best part, but it's also kind of the worst part because the travelling is really hard on your body and brain, you're never home. And if you play shows every night you start getting a little… But there are a lot of great things.

Do you prefer going on the road or in the studio?
Alex: Totally different. I love being in the studio because that's where you're going to create the music and all that stuff. And then on tour you get to see if everyone likes the music you created. I would say it's 50/50, I like both equally.

If you couldn't make a living with your music, what other job would you probably do and why?
Alex: I'd probably be stuck making movies with my dad who I was just talking to who's making a movie called "The Ginger Dead Man" right now about a gingerbread cookie that come to life and kills everyone. I would probably be doing that.

What do you think about downloading music on the internet, legally and illegally?
Alex: Legally it's great, I love iTunes especially in times when we're travelling and I love iPod. You're going to the hotel and grab the newest record and I think it's great.
Illegally obviously it sucks because it's ruining our record business. Honestly if it gets any worse we just won't be able to put out our records anymore and then they will have nothing to steal. Unfortunately that's the bottom line.
Like everything else, with the good comes the bad and I think it's really good, positive and there's great stuff about downloading music and being able to just send a song through an email. If I'm working on a song here I can send it to LA and that's great.

Do you think the internet will change the music industry in lets say 20 year? Do you think there will still be records to buy in a store?
Alex: Yes and no. I don't know, I think that the online stores will become more. Like if you download the artwork you'll be able to print out the artwork, you'll probably be able to do a lot more and a lot easier. I don't know, I mean I like going to a store and buying a record. This kind of a hard question, I don't know what's going to happen.

What do you think about the new concept from the BMG? They're putting out three versions of a CD, a really cheap one with just the CD and no artwork, a second version with a bit artwork and an expensive one with a lot more artwork and bonus material on the CD.
Alex: I haven't heard of that, is that something they only do in Germany? Sounds like iTunes, I've never heard of that, sounds like a good idea. Give the fans the chance to get cheaper stuff. That could work.

If you had to do an interview with a fan of yours what would you ask?
Alex: If I did an interview with a fan? What would I ask? I think all the questions I have are answered every day by the fans without me asking.

When and why did you write "Somebody Out There"?
Alex: "Somebody Out There" is an older song me and Aaron wrote probably six years ago. We were in some major depression. The weirdest thing is that this song is about a girl who's getting abused, mentally and physically abused and being wondering why all this is happening to her. I don't know why we really wrote it.

What was the most embarrassing moment in your life?
Alex: There's tons of embarrassing moments. The most embarrassing? Probably when I sang the national anthem in LA at this hockey game for 30000 people and they booed of the stage, threw shit at me and stuff like that.

What was the most impressive/ greatest experience in your life?
Alex: In my life, that I can talk about? Musically probably winning the MTV award as the best new artist. We never thought we'd win it so it kind of came out of nowhere. That was crazy.

What does luck or fortune mean to you?
Alex: Luck or fortune? It means a lot. I haven't been very lucky this year, probably the worst year in my life, more such things that I can't talk about. Luck is what we had on our first record and I think that's luck is what you need to be successful in the music business. I think it's not just about writing a good song. I'm hoping that we get lucky, luck needs to come around pretty soon. But I think sometimes it happens for you, sometimes it doesn't.

Do you believe in fate?
Alex: I believe… I do believe because I know, being one person myself, I do believe that some people are put here to do something for themselves, that they're better than their brain before they're born because you always see people who are born to do what they do and I don't know if that's fate.

Which three things would you take to an empty island except persons and animals?
Alex: I would take a boat, navigation and…
Chops (in the background): A bottle of Jack.
Alex: No, not a bottle of Jack… An iPod probably with every record ever made on it.

It's said that you're collecting every gift give to you by fans. How many things did you get so far and did you have to start to collect them in a separate room?
Alex: I have a huge shack outside of my house, like half the size of this room, it's just full of stuff. Some day I go through it all and keep certain things. I got a lot of stuff.

Which three CD's except Camino Palmero and Two would you recommend?
Alex: I don't know, maybe the basics. Beatles - Number 1, U2's Greatest Hits 1980 - 1990, Tom Patty - The Greatest Hits.

Which female singer would you like to do a duet with?
Alex: Dido, I love her track, I like the music.

Can you describe the new band members?
Alex: Oh man, sure. Our drummer's name is Justin Meyer and he's a friend forever. He's been around for about a year. He's actually a school friend from Aaron. They were friends since they were in elementary school and he plays the drums with us since we did Brazil last year and now too. He's a good guy, a really great drummer. Our new guitar player, we call him Chops. He's right there. He's from Virginia and he just moved to LA when we found him. He's a prodigy, he's only 22 years old, but he plays the guitar like he's… 23. He's a good guy. His buddy is bass player, they're both from Virginia, his name is Corey. Corey's a really super cool guy. Him and Chops are friends. And then we have a bizarre other guitar player. We call him Arms. He's definitely the comic release of the band. He gets picked on the most, but he's also the most entertaining because he's completely bizarre. He's the one who created "Flarb". The adventures of Flarb, that's all him. And everyone gets along with him really well. We are really lucky, everyone in the band is just… they work great.